What is Home Health Care?

The term “home health care” describes a wide range of health care services that can be provided in your home.

Who will be providing me care?

ABC caregivers are experienced, compassionate home health care professionals that include registered nurses.

The following answers to frequently asked questions can help you learn more about home health care and ABC.

What is Home Health Care?2020-10-07T00:42:23-05:00

The term “home health care” describes a wide range of health care services that can be provided in your home. There are many reasons why people may need care at home. Some are recovering from surgery, or have a chronic condition or disability that requires ongoing care. Others need certain therapies or could use some assistance with activities of daily living.

What services does ABC offer?2020-10-07T00:58:54-05:00

We offer the following services.

Home Care Services

We provide medical and health-related services and assistance with day-to-day activities to people in their home.

Waivered Services

We help people live where they choose with appropriate services that assure their health and safety.

Home Care Therapy Services

Our therapists commonly address issues with mobility, performing daily activities, and speech.

How are these services paid?2020-10-10T18:45:29-05:00

We accept the following insurances

How do you make a Referral?2020-10-07T00:52:25-05:00

Just about anyone – your doctor, family and friends – even you can refer yourself to ABC Home Health Care Plus. Social Workers, nursing homes, hospitals, rehab units and insurance companies may also refer you. Please contact us by clicking HERE

How does home health care work at ABC?2020-10-07T00:55:32-05:00

First, your ABC registered nurse (RN) clinical manager visits you to assess your needs. We work with you, your physician, and your family caregivers to create an individualized plan of care for you.

Who will be providing my care?2020-10-07T00:55:38-05:00

Depending on the type of care you need, we take great care in matching your unique needs with the right professional.

What kinds of nursing care does ABC provide?2020-10-07T00:57:19-05:00

Our registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) provide many kinds of services. Some examples include: wound care, catheter care, cardiac care, and tracheostomy and ventilator care.

We’re here for you, let us put together a care plan for you or for your loved one.